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The Wellness Workshop

Our first Flat Out Mum Retreat will host Flat Out Mum, Lyndall Mitchell. We are delighted that Lyndall is bringing her considerable expertise to our first retreat where she will run a 90 minute Wellness Workshop. During this time, guests will benefit from her work as an experienced and accredited Executive Wellbeing and Life Coach where among other things she will teach her “magic minute” meditation technique for you to implement in your every day life.

About Lyndall

Lyndall Mitchell is an award-winning entrepreneur and Australia’s go-to wellness expert. She is the founder and CEO of Aurora Spas and ASPAR and brings to her coaching a powerful combination of hands-on business experience and more than two decades working one-on-one and in groups with busy, successful people who are feeling overworked, overwhelmed and over scheduled.


“I help my clients to find balance in all parts of life and the motivation to live their best lives.”

One of the fundamentals of Lyndall’s approach is self care. Throughout her career, Lyndall has seen the benefits of bringing care and calm to everyday, regardless of the schedule. This has allowed her to avoid burn out. "I’ve found a way to grow a highly successful business, nurture my family and precious personal relationships without ever compromising my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. I’d like to help you do that too."


A mother of two young girls, Lyndall manages to beautifully juggle the roles of family and business owner, all the while finding time to exercise, eat healthily and regularly practice yoga and meditate.    


Read more about Lyndall here.

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